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Our Registered Massage Therapists

All of our therapists are highly trained and provincially registered with the College of Massage Therapists. Every RMT at Tsehum Harbour Massage has multiple years of hands on experience to provide excellent care for you and your family. All therapists keep advancing their massage knowledge by routinely participating in a variety of continuing education courses as well as maintaining current First Aid/CPR Certificates. Each therapist has their own experience, personality and approach to treatment and care, so we suggest that you try several of our therapists to see which you fit best with, this also gives you some backup if your favourite therapist is busy or on vacation and you need to get in right away. Many of our clients choose to rotate thru all of our therapists as they find the different approaches beneficial to their care and wellbeing. All of our therapists are terrific, so regardless of which therapist you see, you will receive a great massage!

Jan Hoover


Jan is the owner/founder of Tsehum Harbour Massage & Hydrotherapy. After studying massage and hydrotherapy at West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver in 1995, Jan has a developed a passion for the benefits of both massage and hydrotherapy, each with its own special value for facilitating positive, healthful change. She assesses and treats clients by addressing the whole body, from the fascia (connective tissue), to the muscles and joints to achieve goals by working gently and generally to deeper and very specific.

While at Massage College, Jan participated in an extracurricular Multiple Sclerosis in-reach group and found the treatment to be so effective for the clients that she has continued to work extensively with MS and Parkinson's thru the years. She also has a great deal of experience working with clients with cerebral palsy and other types of spasticity and brain injuries.

Hydrotherapy has been a complemental modality of Jan's for many conditions in her professional career. Moist heat for relaxing tight and sore muscles, cold for decreasing inflammation and edema (swelling). When the opportunity arose for her to build her own clinic, of course there had to be a steam and hydrotherapy room! 

Jan regrets that she is unable to see new clients at this time.

Michelle Leo


Michelle graduated from the 3000 hour program at OVCMT in Vernon in 1999 and since then has actively been participating in continuing education courses. She has been providing massage therapy services to Sidney and outlying areas since 2002 at Tsehum Harbour Massage & Hydrotherapy. After working in Homecare for ten years Michelle wanted to become more specialized in the Healthcare field and found massage therapy to be a good fit. She enjoys working one on one with individual's to figure out the root cause of their pain, tension, discomfort... . Michelle gives a specific, focussed treatment using modalities such as myofascial release and trigger point therapy. She genuinely cares for people and works hard to provide a treatment that will meet their needs and get them on the road to recovery.

Andrea Nugent


Andrea has been practicing massage therapy for over 22 years. She was introduced to its benefits on her journey to becoming an Olympic Swimmer for both injury rehabilitation/prevention as well as performance enhancement and recovery.

After graduating from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Toronto, she moved back to Calgary and practiced within multi disciplinary settings as part of patient centered healthcare teams. She was fortunate to work with many amateur and professional athletes within these settings but also treated a vast array of conditions including MVA, joint replacements, repetitive strains, fibromyalgia, sprains, Thorasic Outlet Syndrome and postural imbalances to name a few.

Whether it is for prevention, rehabilitation or maintenance, Andrea has a wide area of experience combining multiple techniques and varying pressure to individualize treatments based on her patient's outcome goals. While she still works with many athletes, she believes that the demands of many of today's professions and lifestyles can equal the stresses on the body as that of an athlete, for that individual.

Her continued professional interests include the Fascial System and the study of biomechanics of movement and our daily stresses and their effects on our bodies. She believes that small habits and compensations over time can lead to both chronic and acute conditions and that conversely small corrections can alleviate many symptoms and help the body heal. Life is complicated, treatment doesn't have to be.

Andrea and her family are new to Vancouver Island and she is excited to be part of our diverse and experienced team and a community oriented clinic that Tsehum Harbour Clinic is well known for.


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