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The Clinic Design

Tsehum Harbour Clinic is built on property once belonged to Steve Franks who at the time also owned and lived at Pocket Bay Marina across the road from the clinic. This is now the site of Parks Canada Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. After Jan purchased the building for the clinic, Steve Franks took an interest in the project by assisting with the layout design of the building. Steve's keen interest was that his mother was a massage therapist in WW1 providing massage to help heal injured soldiers.

Our Clinic Name

When deciding on a name for the clinic, owner Jan Hoover thought it fitting to use the Tsyecum First Nations name "Tsehum" Harbour both for the location of the clinic as well as for its descriptive meaning of the harbour bottom lined with clay. As training at Massage College encompassed therapeutic hydrotherapy treatments such as Full Body Clay Packs as well as massage therapy, the name seemed appropriate for the clinic.

Our Waiting Room Glass Wall and Door

While at studying at Westcoast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver, Jan was fortunate to be friends with gifted glass artist John Nutter. She was especially drawn to his undulating sandblasted glass wave designs and when she designed Tsehum Harbour Massage, it seemed fitting to commission John to design a wall to separate the waiting room from the hallway. It was an excellent choice, as it creates an airy, pleasant, light space in which to relax prior to a massage. You can find John in his studio located in the Net Loft of Granville Island in Vancouver, or online at Nutter's architectural installations may be found in Sidney at Tsehum Harbour Massage, throughout Canada and the United States, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean.


The clinic was designed to be accessible for most people including those requiring wheelchair assistance, with a street level entry and electric tables for ease of people with decreased mobility. There is free convenient parking for three vehicles right in front of the clinic, as well as two dedicated spaces at the left side of the building marked CLINIC. If you are arriving in a wheelchair van with a side or rear ramp, the best place to park for easy loading if they are available, is in the left two side parking spaces marked CLINIC.

Products and Environment

Our world is becoming unhealthy with too many additives in our food and products we use. At Tsehum Harbour Massage we take great care with the products we use, from the organic massage lotion, to the non toxic cleaning products we use, to the low VOC paint and carpeting used in the clinic. 


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